When you are a new Make-up Artist and you start in your business, you will probably feel overwhelmed real fast. Not only is there the question of what kind of makeup you need and how much of it (more in another post), you will probably have to pay for it with your own money, too.
Since makeup is not cheap, especially if you want to put it on other peoples faces, you need to get a bit creative and savvy.
How can I possibly be saving on makeup you ask? Well, that is what this post is all about. Let me tell you about the ingenious, greatness of Makeup Artist Pro Cards!

Almost every brand in this beautiful world of ours, has a special discount program for Makeup Artists, Cosmetologist, Aestheticians, Designers and even bloggers.
The only thing that you have to do, is get on the website of the makeup brand that you are working with and look for the link that will bring you directly to the APPLY PAGE for your discount.

There are certain requirements you have to meet, like a copy of your license, a Union Card, a letter from your employer or agency, etc. Getting through every step of your application, providing proof of your profession and mailing everything out, is worth the hassle because most makeup brands give you discounts of up to 40%. That can make all the difference in how you stock your makeup kit and how well you are able to work on your clients.

Here are some examples with links to the application webpage:

Makeup Forever (Backstage Card)

Application website

40% for Makeup Artists
You need a Magazine tear sheet with name credit, Program or call sheet, Comp Card, Union Membership, Proof of agency representation letter from agent or link to a roster, Website, IMBD Credit.

20% for Industry professionals
People who are required to use make-up in their career or craft, like estheticians, cosmetologist, salon/spa professionals and cosmetic retail employees, who can provide any one of the proofs of profession. The industry discount expires one year after approval. You need: Current paystub, Letter of employment from salon owner, professional license

20% discount for makeup students
A letter of enrollment and diploma is required. The student discount is valid for up to six months.


Application website

30% for Makeup Artists, Aestheticians, Cosmetologists, Nail Technicians and Bloggers
20% for On-Air/Stage Performers, Hair Dressers and Models


  • Pro Membership Card from other approved makeup programs
  • License of accredited schools of cosmetics
  • Magazine tear sheet with name credit
  • Real with name credit
  • Program/call sheet
  • Union membership
  • Makeup Artist Business Card
  • Agency Representation
  • Enrollment Documentation
  • Professional Headshot
  • 50,000+ Subscriber Base

You also need to provide three professional credentials.


Application website

40% discount for Makeup Artists
30% discount for Aestheticians, Hairstylists, Cosmetologists, Fashion Stylists, Models, Designers, Performers/On-Air Talents, Beauty/Fashion Editors or Writers, Nail Technicians, Fashion Designers, Agents, Photographers, Directors

Required: Two accepted pieces of professional criteria that indicate your chosen profession:

Union Card
Professional License or publication masthead
Or any two of the following: composite card, editorial page with name credit, program or press material with name and profession, contract on professional letterhead, professional website, professional letter of reference of employment, certificate/diploma

Must be current (within one year) and indicate name and specific profession.

One-year and two-year memberships available ($35 U.S. / $45 CAD) or ($65 U.S. /$85 CAD)

Bobbi Brown

Application website

40% Discount

Pro requirements: Valid photo Identification and two of the following professional makeup artist criteria (valid within the past 2 years):

  • Composite Card
  • Business card with name and specific profession
  • Editorial page with name credit
  • Union Card
  • Professional valid license
  • Crew call list on production company letterhead
  • Reference letter from employer


Discount programs exist for almost any makeup company. If you can`t find it on their website, write an email, call customer service and ask. Since you will constantly need to buy makeup the discount programs are a great way to save. As a bonus you also get the latest makeup trends, news, and information about trade shows as one of the first people.

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photo credit: Palette by r4n