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Do I need a Cosmetology License as a Freelance Makeup Artist?

Many salons, spas, and other businesses require their makeup artist employees to have a cosmetology license or one of the other beauty practitioner licenses. But what if you don’t want to be employed, what if you want to be your own boss and become a Freelance Makeup Artist? As [...]

Promote Your Business Through Yelp

For a survey,  I once needed the contact information from 500 Makeup Artists in randomly chosen cities across the country. I hired some freelancers to help me with the search. Naturally, they exclusively used the internet to find as many as possible. When I looked at their [...]

What Are The Right Makeup Brushes For Me?

Every Makeup Artist has them; every professional has an opinion about them, and every beauty friend wants them: Brushes. Without a good makeup brush, you are only half the artist you want to be. Like the painter selects the right brush to create the perfect stroke on [...]